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Tired of being driven from your yard by annoying mosquitos? 

Ask Us About Mosquito Mitigation! Safe for kids and pets.

Services Available

mouse or rat
cockroach roach

General Pest Control
Our general pest control covers for the "big" roaches, fire ants (that are coming into the house) and silverfish. We treat inside and out, and include inspection for termites and rodents. NO CONTRACTS, but we do offer quarterly and monthly pest control upon request.


We can take care of all your rodent issues. Includes treatment (determined once we see the problem at hand), and inspection of house and property. 



Spring time and summer bring out the fleas! Call us for treatment of your house and yard. We also recommend keeping your pets on a topical or oral flea treatment as well during the spring and summer months.


German Roaches

German roaches, otherwise known as "food roaches" are those hideous things that show up in your kitchens and baths. Call us and we can tell you how to prepare for the treatment, as well as help you eliminate this vermin!

Are you seeing ants? There are so many to choose from, including Fire Ants, Ghost Ants, Crazy Ants, Harvester Ants, Pharaoh Ants, and just little Black Ants! Call us and we will not only identify your ants, but get rid of them for you!

Are you seeing something that makes you suspicious? Remember, if you live on the gulf coast, there are two kinds of houses when it comes to termites: those that have them, and those that will. Nearly every piece of property HAS termites living on it. An annual inspection will help you keep those termites out of your house. If we are there doing some other service, we are willing to take a look at no additional charge.

Spiders require a slightly different treatment from other insects, as they are not insects! If you have a frequent problem with spiders, it often will require monthly treatment until it is under control. Call us for a quote!

​Live Animal Trapping

Having a live animal in your attic can do a LOT of damage! The last thing you want is for a raccoon, possum or squirrel to tear up your A/C duct work, or worse. Call us and we can trap that critter and remove it for you. 


Bed Bugs

This is a pest that no one wants to see, but it is a reality in our society today, especially if you travel or have frequent visitors. Call us for information on how to deal with it if you find yourself battling these blood-sucking pests. 


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