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About Absolute Pest Control

Keith and Susan Dill are the owners of Absolute Pest Control.

Keith began working in pest control in 1992, and began his own business in 1995. Believing that the best way to run a business is with honesty and integrity, Keith strives to give his best to all his customers. He brings a great attitude and joyful spirit to his work and to all his customers. He enjoys getting to know each of his customers, and is grateful for each one who continues service with his company.

Susan is the co-owner, office manager and secretary. Keith likes to say that "she tells me where to go every day!" When you call the office, Susan is the one you will most likely speak with. Occasionally, she gets to venture out and help Keith on a job, and enjoys the opportunity to meet her customers in person, and not just be a voice on the phone!

We know that you have choices when choosing someone to come service your house. We are so appreciative when you choose us. You can count on us to give you an honest opinion, great service, and not try to sell you something unnecessary. 

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